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Social Azaadi is a creative digital marketing firm providing web design/development, social media marketing and content marketing solutions. And now, we are also moving into the development field of your so needed apps, portals and softwares.


One of the most perfect, most bugged and most excited bunch of people working for your perfect design.


Time is not a constraint for us. You give us the job, we do it. It's as simple as that. Stop worrying about getting in the line now.

Customized Apps

In Today's date, having your personalized app and software is a must. Isn't it? How can you be the boss if you don't have the right tool to manage your employees?

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Are you on Social Media? No? Then how are you going to promote yourself? We keep on doing researches and struggle hard to find the best possible ways to enhance and promote you and your work on all Social Media platforms.

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